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As a posture corrector, PostureMD works great. It's simple to use and has helped me tremendously with my poor posture at work. I highly recommend it to anyone!

Jessica Wright

I give posture MD an A+. After having trouble getting mine delivered, the customer support staff was a pleasure to deal with and got me my second brace free of charge. Thanks!

Neil Patel

PostureMD was quick and easy to apply. I have suffered from poor posture for years with my daily job PostureMD was able to slowly help with my hunched back shoulders. 

Mary O' Hara

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Posture Brace?

A posture brace or posture corrector is a medical device that helps essentially helps keep your spine aligned straight with a gentle reminder in the form of a constant tension. The posture brace functions to provide your shoulders with a backwards tension to help keep your shoulders aligned and in-line with your back. These braces   In medical terms, posture braces are an orthotic device that helps maintain our spinal curvature which is described as lordosis-kyphosis- lordosis.

How Will A Posture Brace Benefit Me?

In order to understand the full benefits of a posture brace and what kind of impact it can have on your spine, it's neccesary to be able to understand how the spine looks like anatomically. The human spine has natural curves which we define as "Lordosis" or "Kyphosis". These terms refer to the direction of the curvature of the spine (you can think of it as right or left deviation). The natural pattern of our spine is Lordosis-Kyphosis-Lordosis. Meaning in your neck it follows a lordosis pattern, in your thoracic portion (upper back) it follows a kyphosis pattern, and so forth. Essentially what happens when one develops poor posture from either poor habits, stress, etc. is that the curvatures in our spine tend become either excessively lordotic or kyphotic. 

This is where PostureMD comes in! PostureMD is a one of a kind posture brace that helps correct these over-compensations by your spine which leads you to have these excessive lordotic or kyphotic spines. PostureMD is not a one time fix but something that will eventually help your spine return to a healthier anatomical position.

Hence, as your body tries to slouch for example, the brace prevents this movement and "forces" you to stay in the correct posture as defined by the natural curves in our spine. Think of PostureMD as your own personal trainer which "trains" your body to slowly develop the correct posture by helping you develop muscle memory. 

How Long Should I Wear My Brace?

You should wear our braces atleast 3-4 times a week for atleast 2-3 hours. The more longer you wear your brace, the more you can improve your posture by allowing your body to easily form something called "muscle memory". 

What Is My Posture Corrector Size?

The beauty of our posture correctors are that they are a one size fit all. That means no matter your size, our braces can be adjusted to match your body with our easy to use adjustment clip.

Why PostureMD?

PostureMD was recently awarded the best posture corrector brace of 2018 as per They rated and ranked over 100 posture devices and ours came out on top for it's price, effectiveness, and customer service.