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What is PostureMD?

PostureMD is the most comfortable posture brace and posture corrector in the world today. Made with high quality material and meant to last the daily stresses placed on the body in a normal workday, PostureMD is the solution to poor posture.

It improves your posture using the principal of muscle memory: When your shoulders hunch forward, the PostureNOW posture brace reminds you to pull your shoulders back, essentially creating the habit of good posture.

PostureMD Posture Brace

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Why Choose PostureMD?

We know that there are many competitors and that's why we made PostureMD to stand out from the rest of the posture braces.  Here are 3 reasons why we believe PostureMD is one step ahead of our competition: 

What Our Customers Are Saying


As a posture corrector, PostureMD works great. It's simple to use and has helped me tremendously with my poor posture at work. I highly recommend it to anyone!

PostureMD Testimonial

Jessica Wright


I give posture MD an A+. After having trouble getting mine delivered, the customer support staff were a pleasure to deal with and got me my second one free of charge. You guys rock!

PostureMD Testimonial 2

Neil Patel


PostureMD was quick and easy to apply. I have suffered from poor posture for years with my daily job PostureMD was able to slowly help with my hunched back shoulders. It's super affordable as well!

PostureMD Testimonial 3

Mary O'Hara

Lights. Camera. Action!

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