What is Hyperlordosis? (Arched Back)

Complete Guide To Hyperlordosis(Arched Back)

What is Hyperlordosis?

Hyperlordosis in simplest terms is a term used to describe the excessive curvature in the spine. It is sometimes synonymous with "arched back". However, it is important to fully understand the anatomy of the spine before one can truly define hyperlordosis. 

Anatomy of the Spine

Spine Curvature


As you can see from the above image, the spine follows a certain distinct pattern. That pattern is what we observe as the curvature of the spine. The two general terms we use to define the spine are Lordosis and Kyphosis. 

What is Lordosis? It is the INWARD curvature of the spine. It is naturally present in two aspects of our spine. The Lumbar and the Cervical region. 

What is Kyphosis? It is the OUTWARD curvature of the spine. It is present in the thoracic and sacral region of the spine. 

What is the significance of having a lordosis curvature in our spine? Well, the lordosis or INWARD curvature allows us to put our body mass over our pelvis which helps with walking, running, sitting and other daily activities. 

So now that we know what is Lordosis is, we can make sense of what hyperlordosis is. Hyperlordosis is the severe extension of the spine which is also commonly referred to as arched back or sadle back. All of this leads to poor posture.


What are the causes of Hyperlordosis?



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