Complete Guide and Instructions To Wearing Your Posture Brace

So you have received your posture brace but have no idea how to start or where to begin? No problem. Let's get this sorted out. 


Let's start with the basics first ...

How Do I Wear My Posture Brace?


 As you can see from the above video - it goes on like a backpack. Slide one arm through and then the other. After that it's all about adjusting the brace which we will talk about more in a bit.

So now you got your PostureMD on, what do we do to make sure we are wearing this as comfortably as possible? 





I love pointing out that video because that is a common problem that most folks who put the brace on incorrectly will do. It's important to mention that yes the brace can slide if you have it too loose and thus cause it to be uncomfortable around the armpits thus you need to make sure you remove some slack as well. Like the video, I also want to mention how it's important to put it on initially like the video demonstrates to prevent improper placement and chaffing of the armpits.


Now, you've got the brace on and you look like a rockstar. But you're wondering how tight is enough? So let's go over the settings of a posture brace now.

I generally recommend folks not to tighten your Posture Brace too tight in the beginning days/week. Why? Because your back has been with this certain posture for years and to immediately tighten your brace and force it to be in a certain position when it isn't used to it - is more harmful than helpful. Hence, I recommend to slowly ease yourself into tighter settings. So to recap, for the first week, keep it tight but not unbearable where your hurting all the time but at the same time you do not want to too much slack where it feels like your wearing a regular back pack. It should be tight but don't overdo it in the beginning.

Once you have gotten through the first week, NOW you can adjust the brace tighter to your desired tightness. This is when we really start to see your shoulders become straighter, and your forward posture becoming more so aligned back with your spine.


Last but not least - How long do we wear a posture brace?

Our general recommendations are to wear it at-least 4-8 hours a day if possible. At the very least you want to wear it for a couple hours a day. You should wear your brace as often as everyday straight but then giving your body a break for a day or two before you go back to wearing it. Why do we recommend to wear your brace that often? Because of something called muscle memory. We are essentially trying to get your body used to this position. It takes time and effort! 

Enjoy your brace and don't forget you can contact me at anytime with our contact page and I personally answer any question you may have ASAP.